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Electric cars: everything you need to know

With the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars ending by 2030 in the UK, there's understandably been a huge surge in interest around electric cars.

Many potential buyers still have a lot of questions about EVs, which is where we come in. You'll find everything you need to know about buying and owning an electric car right here with heycar.

From questions about charging an electric car to which electric car has the best range, we're here to help. Our experts have driven all the latest electric cars too, with our independent reviews and buying guides helping you find the perfect EV that will fit in with your lifestyle. We can also help with the best electric car deals we've found. So read on to get up to speed on everything EV...

Electric car types

  • Pure Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicles (you'll often see them referred to as EVs) are powered by an electric power only, with a battery powering the drive to the wheels. The range of EVs is ever improving, but most offer a range of between 100-300 miles.

  • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

    Unlike EVs, plug-in hybrid vehicles (or PHEVs for short) are powered by both battery power and either a petrol engine. As PHEVs have smaller batteries than pure electric cars, it means they have a maximum EV range of between 15-40 miles depending on the model. 

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Hybrid vehicles (abbreviated to HEVs) can only be driven a few miles on pure electricity, with the battery recharged under braking. Take a look at our guide to PHEV vs HEVs for more info, while we also rank the best hybrid cars.

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    EV Myth Buster

    What are the facts when it comes to buying and owning an electric car? With so much inaccurate information spoken about EVs we’re here to help with our expert myth-busting guide.

    Best electric cars

    With more and more electric cars hitting the roads, which one should you get behind the wheel of? Read our expert guide on the best electric cars.

    Cheapest electric cars

    EVs are continuing to get more affordable, but what are the cheapest electric cars you can buy? Our guide to the cheapest EVs on the market today will reveal all.

    Electric car statistics

    Curious what's the best-selling electric car or how the uptake in EVs is progressing across the UK, we've got all the facts and figures you need.

    Already made up your mind? Browse all our EVs in stock

    Decided on which electric car is right for you? From small city cars to large family SUVs, we've got a choice of almost 10,000 nearly-new EVs in stock. 

    Which electric cars have the longest range?

    Range anxiety is one of the biggest worries when buying an electric car. These are the EVs with the longest range right now...

    Electric car

      • Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+
      • Tesla Model S Long Range
      • BMW iX xDrive 50
      • Tesla Model X Long Range
      • Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor
      • Porsche Taycan Plus
      • BMW i4 eDrive40
      • CUPRA Born 77kWh e-Boost
      • Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV 80
      • Ford Mustang Mach-E ER RWD

    Maximum range

      • 395 miles
      • 360 miles
      • 315 miles
      • 300 miles
      • 300 miles
      • 295 miles
      • 290 miles
      • 280 miles
      • 280 miles
      • 280 miles

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