The heycar promise

It’s simple. We promise confidence with every car

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    Each car quality checked

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    Each car checked for history, accidents and more

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    All cars come with a warranty

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    Buy from selected dealers, chosen by us

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    Each car is under 8 years old and has less than 100,000 miles

Car parked outside store
Interior of an Audi

Checked for quality by a skilled technician

You won’t drive away until a technician has given your car a thorough quality check inside and out, from boot to bonnet.

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Used cars in their prime

All our cars are relatively new. With no more than 8 years on the road and 100,000 miles on the clock. So you can look forward to a long and happy life together.

Open boot

No unwelcome surprises

A vehicle history check verifies that your car hasn’t been declared stolen, exported, scrapped or written off for insurance purposes.

A red Seat

Protected for the unexpected

Each car comes with a warranty that lets you drive away worry-free from the forecourt. Many newer cars will still be within their original manufacturer warranty. Others may come with specific schemes that give you enhanced protection, such as 'Das Welt Auto’ by Volkswagen. But as a bare minimum, you can expect at least 30 days’ warranty. Just in case.

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Blue Audi

You’re in good hands

We only work with selected dealers that we’d buy a car from ourselves. It’s what heycar is all about – choosing the best, most reputable dealers we can find and listing only their highest quality cars. With switched-on, super helpful customer service.

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Your quality check

Many of our selected dealers follow the manufacturer's approved used car standard. Others use the AA’s recommended 128-point vehicle check before approving it for sale – and some go even further. But at the very least, you can expect a technician to assess the following areas.

128 point check





The engine always gets put through its paces. To check it's all working, well-oiled and ready for the road. It is the part you need most, after all.
The technician will look at all the major parts that help drive your car, like the brakes. So it's ready for long drives, bumpy roads and sudden stops.
The technician will carefully inspect inside, outside and even beneath your car to check for any damage.
All the electric features of your car are checked. Like the battery, lights and the electronic systems we all rely on.

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