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2024 Ford Explorer: price, specs and release date

Written By Phil Hall

New 2023 Ford Explorer static

The new 2024 Ford Explorer is the Blue Oval's all-new electric SUV.

We say all-new electric SUV, but Ford's actually had some help from rivals Volkswagen, with the new 2024 Ford Explorer using the same MEB platform as the Volkswagen ID.4. Ford are selling it as German engineering with striking American styling. 

It's not the first time there's been a Ford Explorer either, with the brand launching a large SUV in the US market in 1991 and since then various iterations have seen it grow to over five metres in length. The European Ford Explorer though is a mid-size SUV that will slot in between the Kuga and Mach-E in the range. 

New 2023 Ford Explorer side profile
The 2024 Ford Explorer uses the same MEB underpinings as the Volkswagen ID.4.
New 2023 Ford Explorer driving
The new Ford Explorer will be available to order from summer 2024, with deliveries expected to arrive before the end of the year.

New 2024 Ford Explorer price and release date

At the moment, prices for the new 2024 Ford Explorer are still to be confirmed, but it's anticipated that it will have a starting price of just under £40,000, with top-of-the-range Explorer models (with the largest battery and all-wheel drive system) available from around £50,000.

When can you buy a new Ford Explorer? You'll be able to put your name down for one at a Ford dealer in 2024, with deliveries expected to start later in the year. While initially due to arrive in 2023, the launch of the new Ford Explorer has been delayed, so the company can comply with new green battery rules.

The Ford Explorer will be available in two trims when officially launched: Explorer and Explorer Premium. Details are still to be revealed of what each trim will come with, but Ford has confirmed that all cars will come with heated massage seats, heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry, a soundbar and 15-inch touchscreen (more on those last two in a bit). There will also be a range of aero-optimised alloy wheels from 19 to 21-inches to choose from.

New 2023 Ford Explorer interior
While it might share many of the same features as VW electric cars, the Ford Explorer is significantly different inside.

New 2024 Ford Explorer: exterior and interior

The new Ford Explorer shares an identical wheelbase to the VW ID.4, but Ford's designers have worked hard to differentiate it from its German sibling. 

Ford wants to play more on its American heritage, which it hopes will mark it out from its rivals. That's why this new European Ford Explorer takes a lot of its design cues from the American SUV that it shares its name with. In Ford's words the Explorer's design "captures the spirit and assertive style of Ford’s iconic American SUV for a new electric era, also defined by a bold shield design in lieu of a traditional grille".

Compared to other cars that use the same MEB platform (including the Skoda Enyaq and Audi Q4 e-tron), the Ford Explorer sports a more aggressive front end and Ford has moved the windscreen back compared to other cars on the same platform. 

The Ford Explorer has a slightly lower roof than the ID.4 too, with a floating roofline that has been achieved by blacking out the A, B and C-pillars. The compromise of this more elegant stance is boot space. The Ford Explorer has a 450-litre boot, which while bigger than the pricier Mach-E, is almost 100 litres down on the boot space in the ID.4. 

Inside and Ford's avoided using much of the same tech that's used in the VW ID.4. Instead there's a large 15-inch portrait-format touchscreen running Ford's own software and connectivity for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The display itself can also be moved to an upright position, while there's also a large soundbar running across the centre of the dashboard.

New 2023 Ford Explorer driving
The new Ford Explorer will have a range of up to 335 miles and can be charged in just 25 minutes.

New 2024 Ford Explorer: range and performance

We've the Ford Explorer using the same MEB platform as other Volkswagen Group cars, there's not a lot of surprises when it comes to range and performance details.

There will two rear-wheel drive options to choose from. An entry-level 55kWh battery option (with a 125kW e-motor) with a range of up 218 miles, while a 82kWh battery variant (with a 210kW e-motor)will offer a range up to 335 miles. There will also be an all-wheel drive model that uses the same 82kWh battery but with a 250kW e-motor to deliver 335PS and a 305-mile range. A DC rapid charger will top up the battery from 10 to 80% in just 25 minutes.

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Prices are still to be confirmed for the new 2024 electric Ford Explorer, but they're expected to start at around £40,000 when orders begin next year.

The new electric Ford Explorer will have an EV range of up to 335 miles and take 25 minutes to top up from 10-80%. 

Ford and VW have entered into an agreement to share knowledge and components. This means that the Ford Explorer uses the same MEB platform as the VW ID.4. 

Introducing the 2024 Ford Explorer