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New 2024 Fiat Grande Panda: Price, specs and release date

Written By Phill Tromans

The classic Fiat Panda is back! Fiat has revealed the first images of a new car inspired by the original 1980s Panda. It's larger, hence its name – Grande Panda.

Details about the new car are scant so far, with just three images and a dribble of information released by Fiat. What we do know is that it'll be a small B-segment car, sharing its underpinnings with the latest Citroen C3 and the forthcoming Vauxhall Frontera.

Electric and hybrid versions are promised, but there's no news yet on when we'll see the Grande Panda, or how much it'll cost.

We'll know more about exactly how it's positioned when Fiat decided to release more information, but from what we've heard so far, we'd expect the Grande Panda to be a rival for forthcoming new cars like the Hyundai Inster, Dacia Spring and Volkswagen ID.2, as well as stablemates under parent company Stellantis, such as the Citroen C3 and e-C3 and the Vauxhall Frontera. 

New 2024 Fiat Grande Panda: price and release date

We don't have much information on the Grande Panda yet, so we don't know when it'll be released. As for price, around £18,000 seems a good guess for the petrol-powered hybrid model, but the electric model will probably be a few thousand more expensive.

The first images of the Grande Panda show a small SUV with retro, chunky styling.

New 2024 Fiat Grande Panda: exterior and interior

The Grande Panda unashamedly trades on the chunky, robust and angular styling of the original Panda, penned by legendary car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

It's full of design references, with embossed PANDA letters on the doors, like the old Panda 4X4, and a fat C-pillar, with a skid plate, chunky wheel arches and roof rails to stress its go-anywhere vibe (though we doubt it can, in fact, go anywhere). Pixel-shaped LED headlights house X-shaped daytime running lights, which have previously been seen on Fiat's Mega-Panda concept car. The X shape is mirrors on the rear lights, too.

And yes, Fiat says the production version will indeed come in yellow if you want to stand out.

New 2024 Fiat Grande Panda: engines and electric motor

Nothing has so-far been confirmed about what will power the Grande Panda, save for the fact that there will be an all-electric version and a hybrid model, too.

But because the mechanical bits will be broadly similar to those of the Citroen C3 and e-C3, don't be surprised to see the same mild-hybrid, three-cylinder petrol engines and the 44kWh electric battery, respectively.


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