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Alternatives to Cazoo UK dealer locations

Written By Phill Tromans

Lost your local Cazoo Customer Centre? Don’t worry – there are plenty of alternatives to find a great used car

The recent demise of online used car business Cazoo UK has seen the firm’s customer centres around the country closed down and the brand sold off. Administrators are now liquidating the company’s assets after shareholders voted to wind up the company.

The decision marks the end of a spectacular rise and fall of Cazoo Cars, which at one point was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and valued at more than £5 billion. The brand name has now been sold to a rival.

But if Cazoo’s closure has stymied your search for your next car, then don’t despair – there are plenty of great alternatives to be found right here on heycar.

As well as offering a wide range of cars for sale online, heycar has thousands of trusted dealers around the country, so if you’re looking for somewhere local to buy a used car, then check them out – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Now you can no longer find a Cazoo car for sale, let's take a look at the alternatives available to you.

Cazoo Bristol

The closure in April of Cazoo Bristol in Brislington may have dismayed local car buyers, but there are more than 130 local dealers in the Bristol area, with more than 10,000 cars available.

Cazoo Northampton

The Cazoo Customer Centre on Bedford Road in Northampton opened at the end of 2020. But its closure doesn’t mean there’s no choice for prospective customers – heycar has more than 300 trusted dealers across Northamptonshire, with more than 25,000 cars currently for sale.

Cazoo Lakeside

Based on the Lakeside Retail Park in Grays, the Essex-based Cazoo Customer Centre opened at the end of 2021 but is now closed. But within Essex there are more than 350 dealers keen to sell you a great new car, with more than 24,000 cars available via heycar.

Cazoo Chertsey

The Chertsey Cazoo Customer Centre was a flagship location near the M25, but its closure needn’t have a major impact on the car buyers of Surrey. heycar has listings for over 400 dealers in the county, with more than 26,000 cars available.

Cazoo Manchester

The Stretford Customer Centre was another flagship site for Cazoo UK, launched in 2020, but Manchester car buyers still have huge amounts of choice on heycar. Greater Manchester has more than 300 dealers listed on our site, with more than 26,000 cars for sale.

Cazoo Birmingham

The Cazoo Customer Centre in Britain’s second city was one of the first to open at the end of 2020, but its departure doesn't affect the amount of choice for customers in Birmingham and the West Midlands. heycar has more than 200 dealers in the area with more than 19,000 cars for sale.

Cazoo Wembley

A million pounds was invested into Cazoo’s Wembley Customer Centre, but North West London car buyers don’t need to invest anything to find more than 27,000 cars for sale at more than 400 dealers nearby.

Cazoo Leeds

Cazoo’s Holbeck Customer Centre, around a mile from the centre of Leeds, opened in 2021. Customers in North Yorkshire still have a choice of nearly 300 dealers on Heycar, with more than 25,000 cars in stock.

Cazoo Exeter

With Cazoo’s customer centre in Marsh Barton now closed, Devon customers can choose from more than 70 dealers on Heycar, and more than 3000 cars for sale.

Cazoo Ipswich

Suffolk customers have more than 180 dealers and more than 17,500 cars to choose from on heycar, following the closure of Cazoo’s Ipswich Customer Centre.