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Our latest press release:

                        Majority of public EV charging locations lack basic safety features research finds 

  • 87% of a sample of the UK’s public charging locations have poor lighting* 
  • 77% don’t have security cameras** 
  • Online used car marketplace heycar continues to call for Government action to address consumers’ safety concerns 

Following a successful campaign launch last year, online used car marketplace heycar is continuing its work to highlight grave safety concerns at public electric vehicle (EV) charging points as new research reveals the shocking state of the UK’s current infrastructure. 

The campaign’s end goal is clear - for the Government to urgently introduce minimum personal safety standards at public EV charge points to protect vulnerable road users. 

Nearly nine-in-ten (87%) of a sample of the UK’s public EV charging locations don’t have a dedicated light over the charge point and 77% don’t have a security camera covering the charge point, according to campaign partner, ChargeSafe, an independent five-star rating system. 

Sarah Tooze, Consumer Editor at heycar, said: “These findings from our campaign partner ChargeSafe are disappointing but not surprising given that EV drivers themselves, particularly women, have told us how unsafe they feel using public EV charging points. While there are network operators taking safety issues seriously, this research shows how much more work needs to be done.” 

Kate Tyrrell, Co-Founder of ChargeSafe, added: “It is critical to user safety that a charge point has a dedicated light over it and that the lights are bright and it is easy to identify the charge point from a distance. Being visible to road users and other EV charge point users provides extra comfort to those charging at nightime, usually in unfamiliar surroundings and away from home, while the protection of security cameras is key to deter potential attackers or vandals.” 

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To support the campaign and share your experience of using a public EV charging point, visit, where you can also see examples of charging point locations which are highly rated for safety and those which are lacking safety and security measures. 

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