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Our latest response to COVID-19

Written By Andrew Brady

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As the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) progresses, I wanted to keep you informed on the additional steps we’re taking at heycar, in line with the Government advice for the majority of the country to stay at home. As I’ve said, it goes without saying that our number one priority is the safety of our customers, our dealer partners and our employees.

Protecting our team, customers and partners

Our team are still all working at home, and as we’re fully set up for this, you shouldn’t experience an interruption to your online service from heycar. Our Customer Service team will be available as usual if you have any questions.

We still ask that our customers and dealer partners follow the latest advice from the UK Government, Public Health England and the NHS - which can be found here. In line with this, you should not travel to car showrooms now. Our dealer partners will be closed; however as I mentioned last week, the team have been hard at work in collaboration with our dealer partners to create additional remote services to allow you to view or take delivery of a car. I wanted to let you know about some of these changes now.

Video Viewings

You’ll notice that we now have an option on our site to filter car listings by ‘Video included.’ This means you can get straight to the cars with video, and we’re encouraging our dealer partners to upload videos with all cars. You can also request a video tour of a car; to do this, simply let the dealer know when you message them.

Contact-Free Delivery of Cars

Many of our dealers are offering contact-free local delivery of cars, free of charge, so if you would still like to buy a car and have it delivered to your home at this time, that’s very possible. Again, simply let the dealer know when you message them. Some dealers are able to deliver nationally. You can filter cars by ‘Delivery Nationwide’ on our site to see those.

What happens next?

We’ll continue to work with our dealer partners and closely follow the advice of the UK Government, but we of course won't have all the answers and your patience is greatly appreciated. Our commitment is to keep you updated via our website and social media channels while we do everything possible to provide the same great service.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Best wishes,

Mat Moakes, CEO of heycar UK