Discount Code Terms

These are the terms and conditions of use for discount codes (Codes) on (Site). The Codes are operated by or on behalf of Mobility Trader UK Limited trading as heycar (we, us and our). 

Your use of the Codes will be subject to these terms and conditions and also those set out in our Website Terms of Use. By using the Codes you agree to be bound by them. Any vehicles you purchase through the heycar Service are supplied subject to our heycar Purchase Terms

  1. The information provided with the Codes will provide specific details of the discount. This may include the type and amount of discount, which purchases it applies to, the dates in which Codes are valid for use and any other restrictions on use of the Codes. You may only use the Codes in accordance with the information provided. 
  2. You may use a Code which is valid by entering the Code in the appropriate box during the checkout flow. 
  3. There are some use restrictions for the Codes. In addition to any specified in information provided with Codes: 
    • You may only use a specific Code once. 
    • If you're given a unique Code that is intended for your use, your use of a Code is non-transferable and you should not transmit it to anyone else, whether directly or indirectly (such as over social media).
    • You may only use Codes on the Site if you are a resident of the United Kingdom.
  4. There is no cash alternative to use of the Code. In the event that we offer a refund for any purchase you make, you will not be refunded the value of the discount offered by a Code used. 
  5. We reserve the right in exceptional circumstances (such as fraud, tampering, technical errors or other factors beyond our reasonable control) to:
    • vary, amend or withdraw the Codes on reasonable notice;
    • refuse an individual's benefit from a Code; and
    • vary, amend or withdraw these terms and conditions. 
  6. You agree that our decision is final and binding in all matters relating to the Codes. 
  7. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects any of your legal rights.